The Revival of Ray II

Despite offers, I have not published 10,000 further words of Chief Justice A.N. Ray that educates me as it protects. His judgments at the Calcutta High Court or at the Supreme Court are his only songs that are praised or criticized. I bow down to the intelligence of Hon’ble Chief Justice Dipak Misra and Hon’ble […]

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Veere Disarray

Some men try hard for reasons best known to them. Team 2, even before it had shot and finalized the final print of its movie, filed a case before the Bom HC. Dr. Abhinav Chandrachud fought for Team 1. He won. Hon’ble Justice G.S. Patel wrote a remarkable judgment: “In the present case there is […]

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Gambling on Cricket I

Most games played just for fun can also be played for money. Several lawyers, including the one with 22 thousand followers on Twitter, paid ample respect and just respect to a game developed on IPL. Simply put, one had to predict who would win a cricket match, decorating the prediction with a percentage between 51 […]

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The Haynes Discourse

“Haynes was a role model of mine. He and Greenidge were a pair that would take apart any bowling attack in the world. From the start of the day’s play I had kept a close watch on him. He was sitting in the Sussex dressing room, absorbed in the match. I worried that he might […]

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The Strange Alchemy of Life and Law

“A distinguished South African Judge, Albie Sachs has spoken of the importance of understanding the value of constitutional transformation. In his book titled ‘The Strange Alchemy of Life and Law’, explaining the role of the constitutional court, Sachs has this to say: “It is difficult to analyze the impact that court decisions have on actual […]

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The Proof of Forgery

“Section 465 provides punishment for the commission of the offence of forgery. In order to sustain a conviction under Section 465, first it has to be proved that forgery was committed under Section 463, implying that ingredients under Section 464 should also be satisfied. Therefore unless and until ingredients under Section 463 are satisfied a […]

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