The Last Word

Friendships & Rivalries, Losses & Victories never have an end – only a beginning. Spectacular Judges of the Supreme Court have hoped for an impactful conclusion. The irreversibly powerful ones have known more. There is never a last word. Life travels with the surety of a pendulum clock, tick tock. We remember: in Puttaswamy, [Writ Petition […]

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इसकी टोपी उसके सर्र: Section 5(1) + Section 15 of The Hindu Marriage Act

Section 15 of the The Hindu Marriage Act, 1955: “When a marriage has been dissolved by a decree of divorce and either there is no right of appeal against the decree or, if there is such a right of appeal, the time for appealing has expired without an appeal having been presented, or an appeal […]

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The Contra Proferentem Rule IV

“The Common Law rule of construction “verba chartarum fortius accipiuntur contra proferentem” means that ambiguity in the wording of a policy is to be resolved against the party who prepared it. MacGillivray on Insurance Law [9th ed., 1997] deals with the rule of Contra Proferentem as follows: “The Contra Proferentem rule of construction arises only […]

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