The Freedom of a Major Girl

Thushara, when 19, married a man, not yet 21, at the Chakkulathukavu Bagavathi Temple. Her father filed a petition before the High Court of Kerala and was awarded her custody. The Supreme Court recently called a submission ‘neat’: “The High Court has adopted an approach which is not permissible… Thushara is admittedly a major… she […]

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Jactitation of Marriage

Jactitation of marriage means a persistent boasting of a marriage, falsely alleged to have taken place. The suit prays for a decree of perpetual silence on the subject. This is the only case in which a matrimonial suit can, as of right, be proceeded without prima facie proof of a marriage de facto, for the […]

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Video Conferencing in Matrimonial (Cheque) Disputes II (I)

Recently in M/s. Meters and Instruments Private Ltd. v. Kanchan Mehta, [Criminal Appeal No. 1731 of 2017] a Bench of Justices Goel and Lalit observed the following: “There appears to be need to consider categories of cases which can be partly or entirely concluded “online” without physical presence of the parties by simplifying procedures where seriously […]

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