The Baazigar Suicide Letter

Criminal cases based on circumstantial evidence can be resolved in several ways in a work of fiction. Judges do not have that liberty. It would be in the fitness of things to assume, there is only one right way for them to interpret the ‘circumstances’. Two lovers, in love forever, alone in a stranger’s house, […]

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A World Cup Murder

An innovative, 51-year old, Former English Batsman was coaching the South Africans during the 1999 ICC Cricket World Cup. He went by the name Bob Woolmer. He allowed his captain Hansie Cronje to take the field against India wearing an earpiece. The move was unfair but did not technically breach any rules. Only later would […]

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The Live Tweets Ailment

Vakasha Sachdev (@VakashaS) recently commented on ‘Live Tweeting Court Proceedings’: “A stream of live tweets, posted over the course of six days, recently went viral in the Indian Twitterverse. Surprisingly, these tweets had nothing to do with Shah Rukh Khan or Baahubali or the IPL or some ridiculous reality TV star or farragoes or any of […]

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D For Don II: Khullam Khulla

The Don always sells. There is even a sweet, fan-girl account in Sheela Raval’s Godfathers of Crime (Hachette, 2015). She attended the reception of Mahrukh’s wedding in the summer of 2005 and said, “Mario Puzo would have been proud of the scene“. In Khullam Khulla: Rishi Kapoor Uncensored (HarperCollins India, 2017), the actor has his […]

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The Ishihara Test

While discussing ‘Colour Blindness’ before the SC [Pranay Poddar v. State of Tripura, Civil Appeal No. 4393 of 2017], Senior Advocate K.V. Vishwanathan quoted Shinobu Ishihara, a Professor at Tokyo Imperial University who, in the year 1916, had developed a diagnostic method which is still the most common test for ‘Colour Vision Deficiency’; and that […]

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