The Last Word on Aiyaary

Last year, a lawyer’s petition before the Bombay High Court claimed that the trailers of The State v. Jolly LL.B 2 projected the Indian Judiciary and the Indian Legal System in a derogatory manner. The Court found there was a prima facie case of Contempt of Court. It constituted a three-member committee (out of which […]

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The Last Word on Padmavaat

Witnessing Padmavaat unfold on screen, on its first day of release, was unique, especially since your smart phone kept reminding you of persistent violence against the movie. The casual viewer may have even ignored a woman threatening to immolate herself outside the theatre or even the policemen who stood guard, but the skeptic whispered if […]

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The Live Tweets Ailment II

Amongst advocates, there are always the traditionalists. They imagine Live Tweeters in court when ADM Jabalpur was on going, and shiver at the thought. Ray CJI would have had none of it. The present Chief Justice seemingly does not subscribe to old world ideas. Juniors who have the time and the resources are travelling to the […]

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Jactitation of Marriage

Jactitation of marriage means a persistent boasting of a marriage, falsely alleged to have taken place. The suit prays for a decree of perpetual silence on the subject. This is the only case in which a matrimonial suit can, as of right, be proceeded without prima facie proof of a marriage de facto, for the […]

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