The Doctrine of Arbitrariness / Substantive Due Process I

Abhinav Chandrachud, grandson to Former CJI Y.V. Chandrachud, was not incorrect in noting that the doctrine of ‘fairness’/ ‘non-arbitrariness’ laid the foundation of substantive due process in our country. Justice Nariman supports this view. In a CJI K.G. Balakrishnan Judgment in 2010, richly cited in the book, it indeed was held that the ‘standard of substantive […]

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The Doctrine of Widest Construction

“The jurisprudential basis for the ‘rule of widest construction’ is the hallowed belief that a Constitution is drafted with an eye on future providing a continuing framework for exercise of governmental power. Therefore, it must be elastic enough to meet new social, political and historical realities often unimagined by the framers of the Constitution. Chief […]

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