The Finesse of a Trial Judge

Justice Arvind Kumar Mishra of the Allahabad High Court commenting on (Retd.) Justice Shyam Lal, in Nupur Talwar v. State of U.P., [Criminal Appeal No. 293 of 2014]: “The Learned Trial Judge has prejudged things in his own fashion, drawn conclusions by embarking on erroneous analogy conjecturing to the brim on apparent facts telling a different […]

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The Baazigar Suicide Letter

Criminal cases based on circumstantial evidence can be resolved in several ways in a work of fiction. Judges do not have that liberty. It would be in the fitness of things to assume, there is only one right way for them to interpret the ‘circumstances’. Two lovers, in love forever, alone in a stranger’s house, […]

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My Name is Abu Salem

As 1992 drew to a close, the simmering communal fervor in the country came to the boil as a BJP-led mob demolished the 465-year-old Babri Masjid in Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh. Mumbai witnessed some of the bloodiest riots in the country. Sunil Dutt organized help and medical aid for all those injured, regardless of their religion, […]

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A World Cup Murder

An innovative, 51-year old, Former English Batsman was coaching the South Africans during the 1999 ICC Cricket World Cup. He went by the name Bob Woolmer. He allowed his captain Hansie Cronje to take the field against India wearing an earpiece. The move was unfair but did not technically breach any rules. Only later would […]

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