Trusts not Consumers

My Lord, Can a complaint be filed by a Trust under the provisions of The Consumer Protection Act, 1986? “A reading of the definition of the words ‘complaint’, ‘complainant’ and ‘consumer’ makes it clear that a Trust cannot invoke the provisions of the Act in respect of any allegation on the basis of which a […]

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Withdrawal of Consumer Complaints

May 2, 2012:  Once evidence stands concluded and arguments on merit are heard, then keeping in view the ends of justice, it is incumbent upon the District Consumer Forums to issue notice of an Application, for Withdrawal of the Complaint, to the Opposite Party, before passing any order thereon. British Airways v. Anish Setia, First Appeal […]

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Powers of Review of the NCDRC

Consumer Tribunals are creatures of a statute and derive their power from the express provisions of that statute. It is now settled law that District Consumer Forums and State Commissions have no power to recall or review their own orders [See, (2011) 9 SCC 541]. There is no provision in the Consumer Protection Act, 1986 […]

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