The Last Word

Friendships & Rivalries, Losses & Victories never have an end – only a beginning. Spectacular Judges of the Supreme Court have hoped for an impactful conclusion. The irreversibly powerful ones have known more. There is never a last word. Life travels with the surety of a pendulum clock, tick tock. We remember: in Puttaswamy, [Writ Petition […]

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Condonation of Delay VI: 2088, 1405

‘Beyond which number is it strange if a delay is condoned?’ We have been hunting for the single noble equation. Ponnayal v. Karuppan (Dead), [Civil Appeals No. 9558-9559 of 2018] reflects the Appellant’s journey to the Supreme Court twice . The Appellant, first, appealed against a judgement of a HC, with a delay of 2088 days. The […]

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Condonation of Delay IV: 1186

“There is inordinate delay of 1186 days in filing the SLPs.” “There is gross delay of almost 3 1/2 years in challenging the judgment rendered in the Writ Appeal and no explanation much less cogent explanation has been given by the Appellant.” “There is no reason to condone the delay.” – Hon’ble Justice C. Nagappan, […]

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