Condonation of Delay IV: 1186

“There is inordinate delay of 1186 days in filing the SLPs.” “There is gross delay of almost 3 1/2 years in challenging the judgment rendered in the Writ Appeal and no explanation much less cogent explanation has been given by the Appellant.” “There is no reason to condone the delay.” – Hon’ble Justice C. Nagappan, […]

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Condonation of Delay II: 355

Defendants were set ex-parte, in a suit praying for refund of an advance amount with interest  . There was a delay of 355 days in filing the Application to set aside the ex-parte decree. The Principal District Judge, Thanjavur condoned the 355-day delay subject to the condition that the Defendant deposit the entire Principal Prayed Amount. […]

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Condonation of Delay I: 230

A Bank sanctions a loan. A tractor is bought. The tractor meets with an accident and on the date of the accident the tractor is uninsured. Can the owner of the tractor pass on his liability under Section 196 of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 to the Bank? In Central Bank of India v. Jagbir […]

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