An Independent, Colonial Judiciary

Hon’ble Justice Y.V.Chandrachud was the longest serving Chief Justice of India!

2696 days?

The silver goes to Hon’ble Justice B.P. Singha;

And the bronze to Hon’ble Justice A.N.Ray!

Ray and Chandrachud shared the bench in Kesavananda. As Justice Y.V. Chandrachud understatedly put it, the case was ‘full of excitement and unusual happenings’. Unusual happenings are part of the cosmic plan. We shall not analyze the Lords, however.

The World of Lawyers & Judges in India is a mini-Bollywood. There are those who are first generation lawyers (Askhay Kumar); There are those who have a famous lawyer-parent (Akshaye Khanna); There are those whose fathers are Present Judges (Jackie Bhagnani); There are women who have battled against against odds (Jacqueline Fernandez); There are those whose parents are celebrities otherwise (Deepika Padukone); There are those who salvaged the dwindling fortunes of the preceding generation (Hrithik Roshan); And there are those too who are fourth generation horses (Ranbir Kapoor). I bet there is a Bollywood Analogy for every lawyer even though the only Judge Analogy I have is Prithviraj Kapoor exclaiming, “Salim!” in Mughal-E-Azam.

Hon’ble Justice Y.V. Chandrachud’s family must be proud for its brave entrant in the word of law. Just like Hon’ble Justice Dattu has a Ninja at home [his reference to his grandson] Hon’ble Justice Y.V. Chandrachud, the institution, has Abhinav Chandrachud. And he is no less than a Ninja when it comes to writing. In all honesty, I have only read his article on Judicial Clerks. He surely has a nose.

This is all in zest, but in serious zest: I have received a copy of “An Independent, Colonial Judiciary: A History of the Bombay High Court during the British Raj, 1862-1947” and I am going to read it thoroughly.

The Book