Know Your Flags I: Zambia


Country: Zambia

Capital: Lusaka

SC Case Mentions:

(1996) 6 SCC 756: “It has been pointed out by Myron Weiner at page 4 of the 1991 Edition of his book “The Child and the State in India” that India is a significant exception to the global trend toward the removal of children from the labour force and the establishment of compulsory, universal primary school education, as many countries of Africa like Zambia, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Libya, Zimbabwe, with income levels lower than India, have done better in.”

(2000) 10 SCC 664: “At present the storage capacity of all dams in India is 174 cu km, which is incidentally less than the capacity of Kariba Dam in Zambia/Zimbabwe (180.6 cu km) and only 12 cu km more than Aswan High Dam of Egypt.”

(2004) 5 SCC 364: “Holographic vehicle number plates have been made mandatory in the countries: (a) Armenia (b) Columbia (c) Congo (d) Curacao (e) Ethiopia (f) Georgia (g) Iraq (h) Mali (i) Malta (j) Oman (k) Palestine (l) Sri Lanka (m) Tanzania (n) Uganda (o) Uruguay & (p) Zambia.”

2015 (5) SCALE 184: “Respondent No. 1, one Zavaray S. Poonawala, wanted to import into India a trophy of one stuffed leopard which he shot in Zambia.”