Judges and Astrology II

42 people have served the Nation as the Chief Justice of India. The first one was a November born. The present one is a December born. Winter Babies are more likely to make it to the top. Of the 42, 20 CJIs were born between November and January. The 22 others are spread over the remaining 9 months. 3 special months thus account for 48% of the CJIs India has witnessed. Notably, the next CJI too is a Winter Baby, born in January. And that would make it a staggering 49%. A bit more on the useless trivia: it was not until Hon’ble Justice Kapadia (No. 38) came along, that a September born made it to the helm. But August is the most special month. It celebrates exclusively: Hon’ble Justice Mukherjea (No. 4). He was born on Independence Day!