Journalism or Voyeurism?

In 1999, Assassin Films produced “East is East”, starring Om Puri, that was commended as the Best British Film at the BAFTA Awards. Their recent production, “India’s Daugther“, has received much criticism. The East remains the East.

Ted Bundy’s credentials as a Criminal are far more shocking than that of Mukesh Singh. While Bundy was on death row, one Stephen Michaud and one Hugh Aynesworth received the requisite permission to interview him – the transcripts of which were later published in the book, “Ted Bundy: Conversations with a Killer”. I do not imagine the Congress or BJP to know who Ted Bundy is. I do not credit them with the foresight that someone 10 years later, or even earlier, will surely “research” on what the rapists of Nirbhaya have had to say. But explain it to me like I am a 5 year old, and this marks Rhetorical Question No. 2 for the purposes of this Blog, “What Stephen and Hugh did…was it Journalism or Voyeurism”?

Ted Bundy