Referred to Larger Bench XIII ANSWERED: Venue v. Seat, Arbitration

My Lord, When the Arbitration Agreement specifies the ‘venue’ for holding the Arbitration Sittings by the Arbitrators but does not specify the ‘seat’, then on what basis and by which principle, the parties have to decide the place of ‘seat’ which has a material bearing for determining the applicability of laws of a particular country for […]

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Mr. Our Very Own

I have been an artist since I was born. I have loved writing poems since I was 6. I have 323 poems. The rest: discarded. For the first time, in the History of The Last Word, I put out ‘something’ today I had written 13 years ago. I have proof of that time gone by. […]

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The Profane

Mr. Navtej Sarna’s Son is truly talented. I have had the opportunity to witness him in college. Mr. Navtej Sarna is an ‘Indian author-columnist, diplomat & current Indian Ambassador to the United States’. His son, Satyajit, recently published a book of poetry: “The Profane”. I have read the same. Here are a few of my […]

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