1+3 Judges Disagree With Justice Chelameswar on ‘Cheating Students’

Madhya Pradesh Professional Examination Board, ridded certain students of their results, awarded in their professional MBBS course, on the ground that they had gained admission to the course, by resorting to unfair means. Hon’ble Justice Chelameswar (Presiding Judge) had expressed the view, that complete justice in the matter would be rendered, if the qualifications successfully […]

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The Advanced Age of Sushil Ansal

On March 05, 2014 Hon’ble Justice Thakur, not yet the CJI, spoke of the ‘chalta hai attitude’ that often costs the society dearly in man-made tragedies [See, (2014) 6 SCC 173]. The price of Sushil Ansal’s ‘chalta hai attitude’ was pegged at Rs. 30 Crores [See, (2015) 10 SCC 359]. That is merely 18 Crores […]

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Referred to Larger Bench XII: Doctrine of Relation Back in Admissions

My Lord, Can grant of monetary compensation be considered as the sole and adequate remedy for a student who has been deprived of admission, despite he or she being meritorious, vigilant and diligent, because of lapses committed either by the counselling authority or the administrating authority intrinsically connected with the process of admission? “It is […]

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An Unsuitable Boy

This blog has previously carried content on K3G here and here. I had the chance to read the biography of its Director, Karan Johar, recently. Here is [some of] what caught my interest… _____ I’ve had two unrequited love situations in my life. One in my twenties and one in my thirties where I’d loved […]

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