The Revival of Ray III

George H. Gadbois, Jr., chronicler of 93 Judges of the Supreme Court of India, had this to say once: “When I first wrote to Justice A N Ray requesting an interview, I included a couple of articles I had published earlier. This enabled him to see that I was rather well-informed about him and the Court. […]

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Dipak Misra, Chief Justice of India

The year is 2018. A magazine has published a disastrous story on the Chief Justice of India. The year is 2018. Young lawyers, gentleman are keen to exercise their freedom of speech, criticizing that CJI. The year is 2018. The CJI must bow down. 180K followers, Former President Gujarat Pradesh Congress Committee. 266 Followers, Lawyer. 1.15M […]

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Mr. Robert “Bob” Zeidman

Diyora and Bhanderi Corporation v. Sarine Technologies Ltd. [Civil Appeal Nos. 7304-7305 of 2018] A copyright infringement action over proprietary software under the Respondent’s ‘ADVISOR’ trademark triggered the dispute. The Respondent wished to direct Mr. Robert “Bob” Zeidman to compare the softwares and to report the Court as to whether the source code and object code of the Petitioner […]

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Attributes of Arbitration Agreements

P. Dasaratharama Reddy Complex, (2014) 2 SCC 201 referred to a large number of decisions of the SC in order to distinguish between clauses that were Arbitration Clauses and clauses that either led to expert determinations or were otherwise not Arbitration Clauses. For example, Tipper Chand, (1980) 2 SCC 341 was referred to; Equally, the Court relied extensively […]

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