The Ishihara Test

While discussing ‘Colour Blindness’ before the SC [Pranay Poddar v. State of Tripura, Civil Appeal No. 4393 of 2017], Senior Advocate K.V. Vishwanathan quoted Shinobu Ishihara, a Professor at Tokyo Imperial University who, in the year 1916, had developed a diagnostic method which is still the most common test for ‘Colour Vision Deficiency’; and that […]

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Actus Curiae Neminem Gravabit

“There cannot be an iota of doubt that no prejudice shall be caused to anyone due to the fault of the Court, but it is to be seen in what situations the Court can invoke the maxim ‘actus curiae neminem gravabit’. In this regard, we may usefully refer to a passage from Kalabharati Advertising, (2010) […]

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Lunatic Judge Karnan

Retired Justice Prafulla Kumar Misra took over as Lokayukta of Goa on 28.04.2016. The post of Lokayukta was lying vacant since 17.10.2013. No sooner he took charge, Justice Misra directed the Director of Tourism to stop all further payments to the beach cleaning contractors. Not stopping there, the Lokayukta ordered a stay on electricity contracts worth Rs 328 […]

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Trusts not Consumers

My Lord, Can a complaint be filed by a Trust under the provisions of The Consumer Protection Act, 1986? “A reading of the definition of the words ‘complaint’, ‘complainant’ and ‘consumer’ makes it clear that a Trust cannot invoke the provisions of the Act in respect of any allegation on the basis of which a […]

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